New Europe College
Institute for Advanced Study

Volodymyr KULIKOV (Ukraine) March & May 2016

Associate Professor at the “V. N. Karazin” Kharkiv National University, NEC BSL Alumnus

Corporations, Community, and Control: Company Towns in Ukraine

David (Data) CHIGHOLASHVILI (Georgia) March 2016

PhD candidate in Anthropology at “Ivane Javakhishvili” Tbilisi State University, NEC BSL Alumnus

Creative Urban Interventions in and about Tbilisi

Olga BUDARAGINA (Russia) June – July 2016

Assistant professor, Department of Classics, St. Petersburg State University, NEC Alumna

A Step into the Past: Archaism in the Latin Literature of the Second Century

Anna ADASHINSKAYA (Russia) November – December 2016

PhD Candidate, Central European University, Budapest, NEC BSL Alumna

“O Lord, accept the prayers of your servants, have mercy upon them …”: Representation and Commemoration Strategies in Moldavian Noble Foundations (Late Fifteenth – First Half of the Sixteenth Century)

Divna MANOLOVA (Bulgaria) November – December 2016

NEC BSL Alumna

Polymathy and Intellectual Curiosity in Byzantine Discourses of Science and Philosophy (Thirteenth – Fifteenth Centuries)

Andrei CUŞCO (Moldova) May – June 2017

Lecturer, Ion Creangă State University of Moldova, NEC Alumnus

Mutual Perceptions and Imperial Policies in the Russian-Romanian Borderlands Before and During World War I

Diana DUMITRU (Moldova) May – June 2017

Associate professor, Ion Creangă State University of Moldova, NEC BSL Alumna

Traumatic Encounters: Jews, Gentiles, and the Soviet State in the Aftermath of the Holocaust

Lusine SARGSYAN (Armenia) May – June 2017

PhD Candidate, Yerevan State University, NEC BSL Alumna

Armenian Art in Romania