New Europe College
Institute for Advanced Study

Anna ADASHINSKAYA (Russia) November – December 2016

PhD Candidate, Central European University, Budapest, NEC BSL Alumna

“O Lord, accept the prayers of your servants, have mercy upon them …”: Representation and Commemoration Strategies in Moldavian Noble Foundations (Late Fifteenth – First Half of the Sixteenth Century)

Divna MANOLOVA (Bulgaria) November – December 2016

NEC BSL Alumna

Polymathy and Intellectual Curiosity in Byzantine Discourses of Science and Philosophy (Thirteenth – Fifteenth Centuries)

Andrei CUŞCO (Moldova) May – June 2017

Lecturer, Ion Creangă State University of Moldova, NEC Alumnus

Mutual Perceptions and Imperial Policies in the Russian-Romanian Borderlands Before and During World War I

Diana DUMITRU (Moldova) May – June 2017

Associate professor, Ion Creangă State University of Moldova, NEC BSL Alumna

Traumatic Encounters: Jews, Gentiles, and the Soviet State in the Aftermath of the Holocaust

Lusine SARGSYAN (Armenia) May – June 2017

PhD Candidate, Yerevan State University, NEC BSL Alumna

Armenian Art in Romania