New Europe College
Institute for Advanced Study

Asiya BULATOVA (Russia)

Marie Curie Fellow, University of Warsaw

NEC-BSL Alumna

Science of the Self: Human Agency in Formalist Theories of Literature and Biomedical Research, 1917–1925

Darya MALYUTINA (Russia)

Independent Researcher

NEC-PoM Alumna

Distance and Knowledge Production: the Challenges of Researching Ukraine-Related Topics during Armed Conflict

Sergiu MUSTEAŢĂ (Moldova/ România)

Professor, “Ion Creangă” State Pedagogical University, Chişinău

NEC-BSL Alumnus

The Soviet Moldavia in the Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty Broadcast Programs during the Cold War

Petru NEGURĂ (Moldova)

Associate Professor a.i., Free International University from Moldova, Chișinău

Senior Researcher, Center For Sociology and Social Psychology, Chișinău

L’enseignement primaire entre les autorités d’Etat et la population rurale en Transnistrie soviétique et en Bessarabie roumaine (1918–1940)

Lia TSULADZE (Georgia)

Associate Professor of Sociology, Tbilisi State University

NEC-BSL Alumna

Environmental Activism in Georgia and Romania. A Comparative Study