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Lapedatu Fellowships at the NEC

The New Europe College launches the Lapedatu Fellowships, starting with June 2018, in partnership with Lapedatu Foundation (

According to its Statute, the Lapedatu Foundation supports research activities on ‘the life and work of Lapedatu family members and the socio-cultural and political context’ during which they lived. Thanks to a generous financial contribution from the Lapedatu Foundation, NEC invites to Bucharest a foreign researcher specialized in the field of Romanian Studies, who is currently conducting research in one of the world’s top universities. On this occasion, he will spend a month in Romania and work with a young Romanian researcher to organize an academic event hosted by the NEC. At this colloquy, the Lapedatu fellows and their guests will present scientific papers and initiate debates on a theme that covers important topics of the Romanian and Southeastern European history in both modern and contemporary epochs. The contribution of the Lapedatu family members to the development of Romania will particularly be taken into consideration.

“Urban Communities and Urban Transformation in the Romanian Principalities / Old Kingdom Romania (1831–1914)”, International Workshop, 16 April 2019

Conveners: Alex DRACE-FRANCIS and Bogdan POPA

This workshop is organized in connection with the Lapedatu Fellowships at NEC, sponsored by the Lapedatu Foundation (